Disaster Relief

Services Provided: 

We provide twenty four hour emergency response when disaster strikes and to support local military families communicate in times of emergency. Additionally, contact us for training in first aid, CPR, babysitter safety and emergency preparedness.

Suzanne Farris, Volunteer Specialist
(410) 202-3043
100 West 10th Street
Suite 501
Wilmington, DE 19801-6604
Services Provided: 

Administers farm commodity programs, farm ownership, operating and emergency loans, conservation and environmental programs, emergency and disaster relief, domestic and international food assistance, and international export credit programs. The programs are provided in an effort to help farmers produce an adequate food supply, maintain viable operations, compete for export sales of commodities, and to contribute to the availability of a variety of low-cost, safe, and nutrutious foods.

Kara Dolch, Director
9194 Legion Road
Denton, MD 21629