Mental Health

Services Provided: 

Individual, group and family therapy services. Medication evaluation and management.

Heather Higgs, Office Manager
8614 Ocean Gateway, Suite 4
Easton, MD 21601
Services Provided: 

People on PAC will get: Free visits to a family doctor. Also called a Primary Care Provider or PCP. Free outpatient visits to a counselor or psychiatrist for mental health services.Lower-priced or no-cost prescription drugs. You may need to pay a co-pay for some prescriptions. Remember that pharmacists can deny prescriptions if you do not pay the required co-pay. PAC will cover the hospital bill for medical emergencies. PAC will not cover the emergency physician bill or any other bills for hospital stays. PAC does not pay for any specialists.PAC will cover all of the services that are covered by the Maryland Family Planning Program except sterilization (tubal ligation). UPDATED FROM WEBPAGE.

Primary Adult Care Program Application, P.O. Box 386
Baltimore, MD 21203-0386
Services Provided: 

Crisis interventions, assessments & referrals; emergency petitions; anyone in crisis, i.e. situational crises; individuals with suicidal thoughts and/or plans; individuals with psychosis and/or delusions; family and marital conflicts; child/teen/elder issues; domestic violence; substance abuse; intellectual disabilities; links to mental health and substance abuse services; family education.

Can't provide service for transportation in MCT vehicles, shelter assistance for homeless persons without a mental illness.